Deck painting or staining


Painting, or using a solid-color stain with no sealer, will only help trap that moisture in the wood. So, as your deck boards expand and contract with variations in temperatures and weather conditions, paint begins to chip and you end up with peeling paint, rotting wood and other potential problems.

A quality stain and sealer, though, penetrates the wood grain to seal it, while also allowing moisture to escape from the wood. It won’t chip, peel or crack as the deck wood swells and shrinks.


The more tinting the stain has, the better protected your deck will be from fading and moisture. 

You've probably heard that you should wait a year before staining and sealing a deck to "season the wood." Many experts will tell you that this isn't true, and waiting can cause early water damage to the wood.

Before you stain the deck, you should have a professional power wash and clean the deck to remove any remaining stain, sealant, dirt and grime. A common issue power washing professionals see is homeowners who get a bit overzealous with the amount of pressure they use and cause splintering and other damage to the wood.

Staining a deck can be a time-consuming job. What you think could be a weekend project could end up taking weeks if you do it yourself. 


Fence & Shed painting 

Our gloriously unpredictable British weather takes its toll on fencing & outer buildings; heavy storms and high winds can do untold damage to fencing & sheds over years - or sometimes even overnight.

We can treat and/or repair your fence at any time of year, but the autumn and winter months are actually ideal for this type of work; plants will have died back, so we'll have easier access to the fence and there will be less likelihood of damaging plants and shrubs.


Wall Painting


Painting your  exterior walls of your garden can be a major household task. Traditional water or oil based paints dry out after four or five years and become brittle. Once these paints have reached this stage they tend to peel and flake leaving an unsightly surface. we can clean the walls of and give them a fresh coat of paint


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