The coronavirus crisis has made us all realize just how important this need is and that we cannot take nature for granted. Trees breathe life into our world, and it's vital we plan for the future of woodlands to tackle climate change.

so every fencing or decking quote you take up will help nature to thrive so that future generations can enjoy spending time in the shade of these beautiful giants.


The coronavirus crisis has thrown our need for nature sharply into focus, bringing a stronger need to work together to overcome the climate crisis. Your support will make a difference. Give today and we'll plant a tree as part of our plan to plant 20 million trees by 2030.

When you plant a tree, this contributes to reducing emissions, as these hardy plants work hard to lock up carbon. These new trees will also open up new habitats for wildlife such as the red squirrel, the hazel dormouse, the greater spotted woodpecker, and other birds like the song thrush and the red kite.

You'll help these historical, beautiful, and natural places to thrive forever, and many more people like you will be able to create new memories with their friends and family in leafy green spaces




Here at JH Exterior Services, we are always keen to look after our planet in every way we can, so for every fencing service or Decking service will undertake in Exeter & Eastdevon we will plant a tree sapling.

in return for you using our service, we will plant a tree in your name or a family members name and we will give you a certificate to show people you have helped the planet