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Get your Gutters ready for winter

Updated: Jun 19

Here at JH Exterior Services, we like to help out with the jobs you can not do, it would be impossible to list everything we are capable of doing if you have a job outstanding and do not anywhere to turn why not contact us and we be happy to discuss your requirements and hopefully help you get jobs completed

As Autumn approaches the temperatures lowers, this is the best time of year to make sure your home and gutters are ready for the fast-approaching winter weather. Although gutters are often 'out of sight, out of mind,' they play an extremely important role in the maintenance of your home; diverting rain, snow & debris from your roof.

Keep Them Clean and Free–

While probably the largest and hardest job on your home maintenance list, it is certainly the most important. Keeping your gutters clear means they are much less likely to get blocked and overflow. In good old British weather, this will be extremely important to help the prevention of external damage to your property. We use the SkyVac industrial 85 a wet and dry gutter vacuum system to clean your gutters. This will save you from climbing any unsafe ladders and getting your hands dirty.

Check for yourself –

Being observant is the best thing you can do when it comes to property maintenance. Check your gutter seams and anchors are all free from leaks, rust, and lose fittings. If you spot any damage you should call JH Exterior Services who be happy to check them out

Check and Clear Your Downspouts –

Any blockages or backup within your downspout can lead to dampness. Come to the freezing temperatures and heavy downpours, the debris and clogs can freeze up and leave cracks and cause more damage to your home

Assess Your Home for Damage –

Be sure to look out for signs of mold, stains, small cracks in and around your home. These are all key indicators for some much-needed clearance and repairs.

So if you are thinking it's about time i had my gutters checked or cleaned then let us be your first point of contact, At we are always willing to offer help and advice

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