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Signs Of Blocked Gutters

Updated: Jun 19

Your gutters protect your home from dampness and other issues. When bad weather hits, they are there diverting the water away from your home. However, they need to be clean and free of any obstacles to do their job effectively. A blocked gutter causes hassle and cost, and problems far bigger and more expensive than you might realize.

So, how to spot a blocked gutter?

Look Up – Visual Gutter Check

Your starting point is to have a wander around your house looking at the gutters and downpipes. Even better, if you can see any of your gutters from an upstairs window then look from there too. There are certain tell-tale signs that your gutter is blocked.

  • Can I see any obvious gutter blockage?

  • Is there water flowing over one point of the gutter?

  • Are there any drips coming from any point in the gutter?

  • Can I spot any rotting wood on the fascias?

  • Have I seen any animals, such as squirrels, in the gutter?

  • Have I seen any birds landing nearby?

  • Do I suspect I might have a wasp nest or other nesting insects?

  • Can I see any vegetation growing from the gutter?

  • Can I see any misshapen, bulged, or bending pipes?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the chances are you’ve got a blocked gutter and it’s time for some gutter cleaning before it harms your property

Look Down – Visual Ground Level Check

Even if you haven’t spotted any of the above problems it doesn’t mean your gutters are free from blockages. If the blockage is within the pipe then this is slightly differently

  • Is there any splashback happening at ground level?

  • Are there cracks in the foundations?

  • Do I have any pointing or brickwork damage?

  • Is the exterior wall green, discolored, or moldy?

These are all warning signs of ongoing damage to your home caused by the blocked gutters. To prevent the damage becoming costly, you need to look into the problem and with our inspection camera we can do that safely from the ground

Look Inside – Hidden Gutter Problems

Finally, just because you haven’t got any of the external signs that your gutters are blocked that you haven’t got blocked gutters. Unfortunately, some of the worst damage is caused by blocked gutters happens within the home.

If you see watermarks appearing on the ceilings, don’t assume that the roof itself is at fault. A common problem with blocked gutters is that the rainwater has nowhere to go so backs up under the roof causing internal problems with leaks and mold. If you’ve got these home problems then get your gutters checked for a blockage as this will likely be your simplest solution.

Prevention is Better than Cure

It should be remembered that prevention is better than cure. Spotting blocked gutters is not always easy and often the damage has already happened. Regularly getting your gutters cleaned prevents such problems. In Exeter & EastDevon our weather and trees, gutters need regular cleaning.

So if you are thinking it's about time i had my gutters checked or cleaned then let us be your first point of contact, At we are always willing to offer help and advice

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